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Retail Trust announces riot damage fund


By Gemma Taylor -

Retail Trust has announced today that it is allocating grants worth up to £50,000 to retailers affected by the riots that swept the UK this week.

The charity launched the #highstheroes campaign on Twitter, and will be using its reserves to offer grants of up to £250, helping to relieve retail staff, shopkeepers and their families from the immediate difficulties they face.

Earlier this week shopping & price comparison firm Kelkoo predicted that the current overall cost to the industry, which includes missed sales opportunities and the cost of looted stock, has been around £141 million.

This latest campaign was set up after members of the public contacted the charity wanting to help retailers with the financial cost of cleaning up the mess left by four nights of rioting and looting across the UK.

Nigel J L Rothband, Retail Trust CEO, said: “The #highstheroes campaign is to benefit the people from retail affected rather than the property.

“That’s where Retail Trust’s expertise lies and where we firmly believe focus must not be lost at this most stressful of times”

A number of events will also take place in the coming weeks under the Riot Rebuild Project, which will hold its first event on Saturday August 27th.

The event, at Camden’s Highlight’s Comedy Club, includes comedy acts and street performers, and hopes to maintain awareness of the ongoing plight of affected retailers, as well as raise money for the fund.

Rothband added: “Although the visible impact of the riots is clear through the damage done to shops, the story that doesn’t always come through is the deeper impact on those affected below the surface, emotionally, but also practically in terms of how everyday life needs to continue.”

The charity is calling for individuals and businesses to donate to the fund online at or by texting HSTH11 £5 to 70070.

For further details on the event, visit

Published on Friday 12 August by Editorial Assistant

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