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Poundland signs new technology infrastructure deal


Discount retailer Poundland has signed a new contract with communications services company NextiraOne, to implement comms infrastructure at its administration and warehouse distribution locations.

Poundland uses its core LAN infrastructure to oversee stock control, distribution, financial and staff management systems and to integrate sales and stock information, via EPOS, with a 24-hour warehousing operation.

The retailer’s warehouses despatch over 650 million items every year to the company’s retail outlets, emphasising the popularity of discounted items as the economy continues to struggle.

The discount company has previously announced that it will be opening 50 new stores across the country in the coming year, creating 2,000 jobs and adding considerably to its existing 345 stores.

It is hoped that the new ICT strategy, in partnership with NextiraOne which the retailer has worked with since 2004, will allow the company to ensure the quality of its support systems.

Commenting on the retailer’s growth, NextiraOne Managing Director for the UK & Ireland Steven Skakel highlighted the importance of technology infrastructure as the brand expands.

“Poundland has always used leading edge technology to ensure the efficiency of its operations and achieve its business goals,” he said.

“In an FMCG environment this has paid off in allowing the company to grow rapidly to its current success.”

The retailer recently expanded its operations to the Republic of Ireland. Trading under the name Dealz, the four stores will be opened later this year.

The continued success of the company is dependent upon solid technological foundations, according to Mike Gray, Director of IT at Poundland.

He commented: “Operating in a highly competitive retail environment, Poundland’s strategy has always been to invest in the systems that will allow us to run our retail and warehouse operation with the highest level of efficiency.

“With a growing organisation and a rapid turnover of goods, we need dependable systems that are reliable, resilient, and provide high speed communications.”

Published on Thursday 01 September by Editorial Assistant

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