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Optical Express launches new ad campaign


Optical Express has launched a fully integrated advertising campaign highlighting the potentially life changing benefits of laser eye surgery.

Two new television adverts, filmed in Glasgow and featuring the voice of acclaimed British actor Michael Gambon, capture the moment a man and a woman open their eyes and experience their surroundings for the first time after having laser eye surgery.

The high street opticians has performed over one million laser eye surgery procedures worldwide and has invested over £1million in technology in each of its clinics.

The company has over 100 laser eye clinics across the world, including in Croatia, France and Germany.

First aired on Monday August 15th 2011, the television campaign consists of a series of ten-second and 30-second adverts, and runs alongside print and online advertisements as well as an in-store presence.

Mary-Frances Kearney, Marketing Manager at Optical Express, feels that the ‘first sight’ campaign is emotionally charged and highlights the positive impact of surgery.

“This simplistic, but memorable execution brings to life the benefit of laser eye surgery in a very impactful way,” she claimed.

“This highly engaging piece of creative does a fantastic job at projecting the initial feeling of wonderment that people experience after having laser eye surgery, that life-changing realisation that they can see clearly without having to rely on their glasses or contact lenses.”

Published on Tuesday 06 September by Editorial Assistant

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