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Tesco thanks Jobs for inspiration


Tributes continue to flood in for Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who died on Wednesday following a long battle with cancer.

Supermarket giant Tesco yesterday described the inspirational impact that Jobs’ technological creations had on its brand.

Commenting on his technology blog for the retailer yesterday, Head of Research & Development at Nick Lansley explained how the iPhone inspired him to see the possibilities that such innovations offer.

“Apple, through Jobs’ leadership, used disruptive innovation to smash through the complexity of using mobile devices by making the utterly simple to use,” he said.

“For the first time, anyone - young or old - techno-savvy or techno-phobic - could pick up an iPhone and iPad and immediately ‘get’ how to use it.

“The massive complexity of the underlying technology was hidden under the covers of a simple and intuitive user interface.”

Lansley went on to explain the positive effect that the grocer’s iPhone app had on customer experience.

“The app was an instant hit because, we found, many customers could use the simplicity of their iPhone to locate their nearest Tesco - then products in that Tesco branch - using the simplest of taps and swipes of the finger.

“We could do it because the tools to allow the simplicity of that user-interface were, for the first time, at our command.

“Tesco ‘gets’ mobile; we are so enthusiastic as a company about the future of this technology on behalf of customers, and the work of Steve Jobs and Apple has had a profoundly positive contribution to that enthusiasm.

“Thank you, Steve, for being one of the greatest innovators and inspiring me so much.”

Other company directors, including those who collaborated with Jobs, paid tribute to his genius.

Eric Schmidt, Google Executive Chairman, commented to Business Week: “I had no clue how to do what he did. He had a level of perception about feelings and emotions that was far beyond anything I’ve met in my entire life.

“His legacy will last for many years, through people he’s trained and people he’s influenced. But what death means is you can’t call—you can’t call him. It’s a loss. I’ll miss talking to him.”

Jobs resigned from his role within the company in August and was succeeded by Tim Cook, former Chief Operating Officer at the global tech firm and retailer.

Launched in 1976 and co-founded by Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple has become a market leader in the technology sector and was briefly the most valuable company in the US earlier this summer.

Yesterday, Wozniak praised Jobs for his contribution.

“People sometimes have goals in life. Steve Jobs exceeded every goal he set himself.”

Published on Friday 07 October by Editorial Assistant

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