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Facebook function to be integrated into eBay


Two of the biggest forces in online social shopping Facebook and eBay have announced a partnership which could transform the way millions of us shop.

Facebook’s new Open Graph system is to be integrated into eBay’s X.commerce open commerce ecosystem, allowing developers to create new social media functions into the ecommerce and auction site’s many applications and e-stores.

Various details on Facebook users and the way they are connected to other people is all mapped out on Open Graph and, by feeding it into eBay, retailers will be able to source data from their customers instantly and seamlessly.

Customers will also experience more personalised shopping when using eBay with their contributions to Facebook appearing next to relevant products in online stores.

In the new retail environment, data is like gold dust to traders, informing them of customer preferences, demographics and opinions, making this new deal hugely important for businesses using the eBay platform.

“Technology is changing the way consumers shop, and eBay’s integration with Facebook will make shopping social for consumers and retailers worldwide,” said Matthew Mengerink, Vice President and General Manager of X.commerce.

“Retailers and developers need a technology-driven global commerce partner to help them engage and connect with consumers anytime, anywhere.

“By making eBay’s technology and global commerce platforms available to developers and retailers through X.commerce, we are that partner, enabling commerce, changing the way people shop.”

X.commerce, eBay’s new software development division, was launched yesterday at the same conference at which the new deal with Facebook was announced.

Open Graph will be integrated into certain eBay services such as Magento, its storefront building solution, and GSI, which manages order fulfilment, but not its electronic payment system Paypal.

Katie Mitic, Director of Platform and Mobile Marketing at Facebook, said: “Integrating Facebook Open Graph technology across eBay’s global commerce platforms represents a powerful way to bring people together across an inherently social activity – shopping.

“We’re just starting to see what’s possible with social commerce, and look forward to the new experiences developers create.”

Published on Thursday 13 October by Editorial Assistant

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