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Tesco shoppers cash in on chocolate price glitch


Chocoholics rushed to Tesco supermarkets across the country earlier this week after a pricing error occurred on its range of Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Bargain-hunters hurried to the store as news of the glitch spread across the internet, and a dedicated Facebook page entitled ‘Terry’s Chocolate Orange glitch – I was there!’ was soon set up.

Reports of the exact pricing of the Kraft Food-owned chocolates at the time of the error vary from 25 to 30 pence, as one customer claimed to have bought 55 for £15 – making a saving of £133.

Some quick-thinking customers have chosen to sell on the goodies in order to make a profit, with one happy shopper claiming on Facebook to have sold “nearly half” of the 246 she had purchased.

Earlier this year, the grocer caused a stampede to its Scottish stores as consumers learnt that a pricing error led boxes of beer to be sold at almost half price.

Last month, the leading supermarket launched a value campaign that slashed prices on thousands of its products, as the company seeks to offer value for money during the fragile economic climate.

This week’s pricing glitch was soon resolved by Tesco, which has not released details of how much money was lost as a result nor how many products were unwittingly sold at the massively reduced price.

A spokesman commented that the grocer sells thousands of products, adding: “This was a system glitch and we stopped it as soon as we were made aware of it.”

The original deal was featured on the Hot UK Deals website, which said on Friday that the thread had been viewed 145,459 times and had received more than 1,100 customer comments.

Published on Friday 14 October by Editorial Assistant

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