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E-tail growth ‘has led to more men shopping’


Women are no longer the primary target for retailers, as 54 per cent of young men now shop online every couple of days, according to a survey released today.

Independent shop research agency Shoppercentric found that, of the 1,000 respondents, 30 per cent of men said that they browse online for non-food related products for up to half an hour, while 31 per cent of women do the same.

During these unpredictable economic times, money dictates where male shoppers browse online, as 53 per cent of men admitted that value is the most important factor in buying online, while product quality was a key consideration for just 14 per cent.

Shoppercentric believes that these findings reveal that the old myth that “men hate shopping” is untrue, as the migration to online shopping proves that a new approach is beneficial.

Danielle Pinnington, Managing Director at Shoppercentric, explained the findings, saying: “It has to be said that men don’t hate shopping, but it would seem they dislike the current process because of the way most retail environments are based on the female shopper mindset.

“It is here that the online channel becomes a favoured approach as it offers men a much less laboured and clutter-free approach to shopping.

“The research findings beg the question of why retailers try to merchandise to men and women in the same way when they clearly prefer different approaches.”

Some 49 per cent of men said that they only like to shop if they know what they are going to buy, compared to 38 per cent of women.

The overall shopping experience is less important to men than women, with 49 per cent agreeing that speed is important compared to just 32 per cent of women.

Men are more decisive when it comes to purchasing items, with 31 per cent buying from the first shop they visit versus 23 per cent of women, while 36 per cent of men visit one to two stores during a non-food shopping trip compared to 23 per cent of women.

“In an age when every £1 spent is hard won, no business should be complacent about the opportunity that men as shoppers represent,” added Pinnington.

“If there is one change a retailer makes, we’d recommend that it is opening up communications with male shoppers and find ways to re-connect not disconnect – talk to them – they won’t bite!”

Published on Monday 24 October by Editorial Assistant

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