Monday, September 24, 2018

Rihanna sues Topshop


Pop star Rihanna is suing British fashion retailer Topshop for $5 million (£3.3 million) after it sold T-shirts bearing her image without consent, it has emerged.

Negotiations between the star and Arcadia Group have been ongoing for eight months, according to The New York Post, though these broke down after Rihanna refused a $5,000 settlement.

International law firm Reed Smith is acting on behalf of the singer and a source told the newspaper that Rihanna has spent nearly $1 million in legal fees thus far.

Rihanna‘s management asked Topshop a number of times to stop selling her image and were told, ‘We do what we want.‘ They buy the pictures from a photographer, but they do not pay the artist licensing fees. Unfortunately, UK law does not protect the artist.

“What is most offensive for Rihanna is that they basically told her, ‘Go to hell. We don‘t care; we are going to continue selling you.‘

“Topshop is now in the United States. They set up in Manhattan and Nordstrom, but they know better than to do this in the US because they would get in trouble.”

Last month, A4952|Rihanna teased fans with images of herself putting the finishing touches to designs for her latest collection in collaboration with UK fashion retailer River Island and she has now handed over details of this and other fashion deals as part of the Topshop case.

Last year, Arcadia settled a legal dispute with British fashion label Fred Perry after infringing on trademark rights by stocking a jumper featuring a wreath strongly resembling the label‘s famous logo while Topman halted sales of a garment amid claims of copying from a young designer.

A Topshop source told the paper: “This issue is related to a T-shirt provided to Topshop by a third-party supplier.

“We are aware it is the subject of litigation. The amount of damages sought has not been articulated anywhere in the claimant‘s document.”