Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Ikea cosies up to customers in new advert


Home furnishing retailer Ikea is taking more a personal approach to the way it markets its products to a British audience.

In conjunction with a revamped in-store customer programme, the retailer is seeking to show more of an interest in customer‘s home lives.

Known for its vast range of affordable home products, Ikea says its new TV campaign will focus on its beds and bathroom ranges with tips on how to get the most from the home.

It hopes to make life easier for customers with a new TV advert – which launched during yesterdays World Cup final advert break – to show this view.

“We wanted to base a campaign on how to start and end each day in the right way, with our tips from A-Zzz”, said Peter Wright, Ikea UK and Ireland marketing manager.

Pointing towards its own research, it said that one in five struggle to find belongings in their own home.

It appears that the Swedish company, who employs over 7,000 staff in the UK and Ireland, is keen to give customers more of a reason to enter one of its 18 UK stores as online sales growth continues unabated. Last year there were twice as many visitors to Ikea‘s website (1.3bn) than to all its worldwide stores (684m).

The advert – created by Mother – will be rolled out on radio and TV channels as well as video on demand, social media and PR channels. But several consumers criticised the advert – which features people falling from the sky onto beds – on Twitter and said it reminded them of 9/11.

A second TV campaign will launch in September to market its new catalogue.


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