McColl’s roll out physical loyalty card


Newsagent chain McColl‘s has launched its Plus loyalty card scheme which will link a range of product ranges for members.

The physical card, which is free, rewards customers when they shop at a McColl‘s, Martins or RS McColl UK store and online.

The card offers 10 per cent off any three bottles of wine and six cans of Carlsberg export for £5.40. There are no points or stamps to collect with Plus, it said.

The scheme is designed to boost McColl‘s bottom line and to enable it to respond more intelligently to its customers‘ shopping habits. Customer will be sent personalised offers in the mail based on what they buy.

Commenting on the launch of Plus, James Lancaster, Chairman and CEO of McColl‘s retail group, said: “Plus is aimed at helping shoppers get even more value from McColl‘s, reward them for their loyalty and help us understand our customers‘ needs.”

McColls, the third largest convenience store owner in the UK, was founded in 1973 by chief executive James Lancaster as a cigarette vending business and floated on the London stock market this February.


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