Thursday, February 21, 2019

The sofa surfing trend


New research carried out at the end of last month by discount site, has proven that 44% of consumers in the UK shop whilst watching TV, and the average ‘sofa surfer‘ spends £125.13 on a Saturday evening.

As the nights draw in quicker, Britons favour staying at home with a takeaway, watching shows like Strictly Come Dancing and indulging in online retail therapy with the use of tablets and smartphones. Almost half of the UK will make the most of their Saturday evenings by picking up Christmas presents (spending on average, £24.58 a night), ordering essential groceries (purchasing at an average rate of £21.82 a night) and treating themselves to new outfits (buying £19.94 worth of apparel), all from the comfort of their own homes.

A quarter of those surveyed, admitted that some of that spending is influenced by adverts and TV shows which suggests there could be an increase in expenditure once retailers‘ Christmas commercials start appearing on screen.

“With colder nights approaching and reality TV at its best, it‘s understandable that the nation is swapping nights out for cosy Saturday nights in front of the fire. However, our ‘always on‘ mobile culture is clearly impacting our spending habits, with nearly half of the UK online shopping while watching TV and spending nearly as much as they would on a night out” said Anita Naik, Lifestyle Editor at

“The sofa is quickly becoming the new high street for us Brits as we‘re increasingly shopping for clothes, groceries, Christmas presents and even holidays while getting our latest reality TV fix” she adds.