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Is Sunday trading in need of modernisation?


The British Prime minister has declared there’s a “strong case” for current Sunday trading laws to change.

David Cameron told MPs that it’s “time to modernise our approach to give families more choice and to help create jobs at the same time”.

The MP for Clwyd South said: “Now following an extensive public consultation, the Government’s retail sector champion Kevin Hawkins described our current Sunday trading laws as a workable compromise that most people seem satisfied with most of the time. Does the Prime Minister agree with him?”

Cameron responded with “I don’t agree, I think that’s there’s a strong case for change but I think it’s a change that we should allow local authorities to decide, and that’s why we’ll be putting in front of the House in the Cities and (local government) Devolution Bill the opportunity for that to happen.

But let me just give her and the House two examples of where I don’t think the current situation works. You’ve got these restrictions on opening hours for many stores – someone shouted what about families – many stores that families would like to shop in and you have to go to these stores and you have to walk around for hours before you are actually allowed to buy anything.

The second point I would make is that you can shop on Sunday, you can shop anywhere on Sunday, you can do it on the internet, and I think it’s time to modernise our approach to give families more choice and to help create jobs at the same time.”

Published on Wednesday 21 October by Kelly Griffiths

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