Shoptalk Europe starts in less than two weeks

Shoptalk Europe

More than 2200 executives from established retailers and brands, startup direct-to-consumer disruptors, large and early stage tech companies, investors, media and analysts are confirmed to attend Shoptalk Europe next month.

On track to sell out, attendees at this year’s most anticipated European event for retail and ecommerce innovation come from more than 50 countries throughout Europe and the world.

Of the attendees, more than 350 are chief executive officers,  while more than 70 per cent of the speakers are C-Level executives and more than 90 per cent are VP-level and above. In addition,  more than 200 companies will exhibit at the event.

Over the past year, organisers have built a pan-European community centred on innovation in retail and ecommerce, where no such thing existed before.

For that reason, Shoptalk Europe’s inaugural event is poised to become Europe‘s largest conference for retail and ecommerce, and will be held in less than two weeks on October 8-11, at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The unprecedented scaling of Shoptalk Europe mirrors the success of Shoptalk in the US, the event which grew from 3100 attendees to 5500 in its first two years.

Shoptalk now plans to bring these two communities together to create one, global dialogue on retail and ecommerce.

The combined event will facilitate a comprehensive global conversation and bring together a diverse and currently fragmented worldwide community of innovators, featuring the leading technologies, trends and business models from all major global hubs.

Attendees in Copenhagen are encouraged to find out more and be a part of the first global event that will take place in Las Vegas in March next year.

In the meantime, Shoptalk Europe‘s groundbreaking agenda covers the evolution of how consumers discover, shop and buy in an age of global digital transformation, and includes Europe‘s best speaker lineup with more than 225 speakers representing a broad cross-section of countries and companies.

The agenda incorporates the important new technologies, trends and business models that are disrupting retail and ecommerce across 15 insightful tracks and 100 curated sessions.

The final Shoptalk Europe agenda can be viewed at

Shoptalk Europe speakers include top industry executives such as:

● Alibaba”‹ ”‹Group”‹ General Manager Europe, Terry von Bibra
● Amazon”‹ Director, Amazon Prime Now, Mariangela Marseglia
● Amazon”‹ ”‹Pay”‹ VP, Patrick Gauthier
● Casper”‹ Co-Founder & CEO, Philip Krim
● Dreams”‹ ”‹Ltd”‹ CEO, Mike Logue
● Dr.”‹ ”‹Martens”‹ Global VP, Digital & eCommerce, Kyle Duford
● eBay”‹ Chief Product Officer, RJ Pittman
● Eve”‹ ”‹Sleep”‹ Founder & CEO, Jas Bagniewski
● Facebook”‹ ”‹”‹Director – Retail, E-commerce and FinTech, Martin Harbech
● Farfetch”‹ Chief Strategy Officer, Stephanie Phair
● Google”‹ ”‹”‹Managing Director, Google UK, Ronan Harris
● Harrods”‹ Managing Director, Michael Ward
● House”‹ ”‹of”‹ ”‹Fraser”‹ CIO, Julian Burnett
● Hudson’s”‹ ”‹Bay”‹ ”‹Company”‹ CEO, Jerry Storch
● IKEA”‹ ”‹Switzerland”‹ CEO, Simona Scarpaleggia
● John”‹ ”‹Lewis”‹ Head of IT Innovation Team, John Vary
● Levi”‹ ”‹Strauss”‹ ”‹&”‹ ”‹Co”‹ VP eCommerce Europe, Claudia Roggenkamp
●”‹ ”‹”‹CEO, Ulric Jerome
● Pinterest”‹ President, Tim Kendall
● River”‹ ”‹Island”‹ CIO, Doug Gardner
● Tesco”‹ Managing Director – Online, Adrian Letts
● Westfield”‹ Co-CEO, Steven Lowy
● Zalando”‹ Head of Engineering, Volker Pilz

A full list of Shoptalk Europe speakers is available at

Shoptalk Europe will also include formal networking programs, including the ‘Hosted Retailers & Brands Program‘ and ‘Retailers & Brands Networking Dinners‘, which will collectively facilitate upwards of 3000 curated onsite meetings.

Shoptalk Europe was created by technology entrepreneur Anil Aggarwal, following the success of the US show, which launched in 2016.

Aggarwal‘s latest tech company was also acquired by Google in 2012 and he previously founded Money20/20 Europe as well as its US counterpart, Money20/20 — the largest fintech event globally.

“We have created an exceptional and unique forum for the European retail and ecommerce
ecosystem to interact in a meaningful way,” Aggarwal said.

“An unparalleled group of senior-level executives from a wide range of industry verticals, stages and sectors are confirmed to attend, and we’re confident that the content, dialogue and networking will help shape the future of retail and ecommerce.”

Aggarwal added:  “In 2017, we focused on developing the blueprints for the future of retail and ecommerce for the US and Europe. We‘re now in the enviable and unique position to create a single global conversation and community.

“We are excited to bring these initiatives together in 2018 and provide the worldwide retail and ecommerce ecosystem with the unprecedented opportunity to gain a global understanding of retail and ecommerce innovation as well as to join an entirely
new global community of innovators.”

The details of the global Shoptalk event in March 2018, including registration, are available at

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