Asda re-launches in-store radio

Asda Christmas Savings card bonuses customer loyalty
Asda aims to encourage customers to save money & collect bonuses with the Christmas savings card (Image: Shutterstock)
// Asda has teamed up with Mood Media to re-launch its in-store radio station
// The new radio station will aim to reinvigorate the experience for both shoppers and Asda
// Morning show presented by former Heart FM host & Magic FM presenter Nick Snaith

Asda has re-launched its in-store radio station in a bid to improve customer experience as well as engagement with staff.

The new radio station launched on February 2, and can be listened to at more than 600 stores nationwide and plays two pre-recorded shows daily.

The morning show is presented by former Heart FM host and current Magic FM presenter Nick Snaith.

“[Asda Radio is] a modern, relevant national radio station that delivers content that not only excites and inspires our colleagues, it also creates better engagement with our customers,” Asda chief customer officer said.

“The clever use of targeted playlists, colleague shout outs and inspiration and meal ideas coming from well-known DJs means we have really enhanced the in store experience.”

The radio station is done in partnership with in-store media solutions company Mood Media.

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  1. Asda radio has been going since 1991! All that’s changed is they’ve switched providers from KVHStudios to Mood Media and is now pre-recorded instead of being live.

    • It’s always been pre-recorded. I remember once being told about the expected fifth day of a Test match that had actually finished the day before because we had played so well.

      • It wasn’t all pre-recorded. It was live from 12pm-4pm Monday-Friday, 10-2pm Saturday and 11-3pm on Sunday with Dave Rhodes weekdays and Paul Clarke on Sundays for the last 2 years it ran. It had pre-recorded segments between 8am-12pm & 4pm-8pm M-F and 2pm-4pm on Saturday.

  2. In the new world of broadcasting we no longer play Gary Glitter, Rolf Harris or Jonathan King. So Why, after rececent irrefutable evidence, are you still playing Michael Jackson, arguably one of the worst paedophiles?

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