Nokia brings back its brick 6310 phone with Snake for its 20th anniversary celebration

okia is releasing a new version of its 6310 'brick phone' for its 20th anniversary.
The Nokia 6310 was first launched in 2001.

Nokia is bringing back one of its classic mobile phones, the 6310 ‘brick’ phone to mark 20 years since it was first released in the UK.

HMD Global, the maker of Nokia’s phones has given the cult classic 6310 a makeover for the modern era but kept its iconic ‘Snake’ game that won fans’ hearts all those years ago.

The handset achieved worldwide popularity in the early days of mobiles – beloved for its durability and trademark long battery life.

It earned the enduring nickname ‘the brick’ as users would film themselves dropping and stomping on the apparently indestructible phone.

There will be ‘subtle changes’ to mark the passing of 20 years of technological evolution, including bigger buttons and a zoomed in menu for ease of reading.

The phone will also come with a larger 2.8 inch 320×240 pixel screen, compared to the 1.8 inch 120×160 pixel screen found on the original and is on sale for £59.99.

Nokia said the new version of its iconic device will also include a wireless FM radio.

‘That yearning for nostalgia makes the new Nokia 6310 the perfect tonic,’ a Nokia spokesperson explained, talking about the anniversary release.

One thing Nokia hasn’t changed is the battery, with the new device lasting 21 days between charges if left on standby.

The phone charges using a MicroUSB cable and can run for 19 hours on battery when being actively used in a call, according to Nokia’s website.

The Nokia 6310 was first launched in 2001, updated to the 6310i in 2002 and finally discontinued in 2005 with the release of the Nokia 6230 and others.

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  1. Now this is very handy for parents who want to give their kids a phone without giving them the internet (and everything bad that comes with the internet for kids to view). Tempted to get one myself for the nostalgia. And as for Snake? What a classic game, nuff said!


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