Burberry partners with Marcus Rashford to get young people reading

Burberry has teamed up with Marcus Rashford on a scheme designed to help disadvantaged children develop their literacy skills.
Image: Burberry
// Burberry partners with Marcus Rashford to help young people develop literacy skills
// Burberry will provide funding in the UK, Asia and America to transform school libraries and donate books

A year on from his first youth charity partnership with the Burberry, Marcus Rashford has once again teamed up with the luxury fashion retailer on a scheme designed to help disadvantaged children develop their literacy skills.

Working in partnership with the footballer, the luxury brand will provide funding to transform school libraries and donate books.

In the UK, Burberry will be supporting the National Literacy Trust to help libraries in primary schools provide young people with the literacy skills  they need to fulfil their ambitions.

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The funding will be used to transform library spaces in 10 schools across Manchester, Yorkshire and London.

All 10 schools will take part in the Marcus Rashford Book Club, a programme created by Rashford and Macmillan Children’s Books to encourage and nurture a love of reading in children.

The schools will also receive a donation of 8,000 books and in addition to this, training and access to National Literacy Trust resources will be provided to 200 teachers across the UK.

Burberry will also support organisations in the US and Asia where it will create new libraries and provide books to underserved communities.

Burberry vice president of corporate responsibility Pam Batty said: “Providing safe spaces for the next generation to stretch their imaginations and craft their own stories, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of literature, is critical to developing their confidence and ambitions for the future.

“All these organisations play a pivotal role in helping those most in need access key resources, from donating thousands of books, to empowering teachers and volunteers to best support students.

“We are proud to partner with them and Marcus Rashford MBE, a passionate advocate for enabling vulnerable youth to discover the joy of reading, to help ensure young students around the world get better opportunities to create, develop and grow.”

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