Tuesday, October 16, 2018

COMMENT: Why traineeships are a great stepping stone into retail

The government is now offering an excellent opportunity for young people to develop their careers in retail.
small retailers mobile

COMMENT: Small retailers must embrace mobile this Christmas

Small retailers optimising their business for customers to purchase on mobile will lead to a Christmas to remember.
loyalty schemes

COMMENT: What do loyalty schemes means in the digital age?

75% of marketing leaders admit they don’t understand changing consumer behaviour, according to a new study into loyalty.

COMMENT: Looking forward to retiring? BHS won’t be the only one to ruin pensions

Head of the Work and Pensions Committee Frank Field penned two letters concerning retailers pension deficits this week.

COMMENT: How customers experience your brand is key to success

Many retailers face the question of how to adapt if simply selling "stuff" is the basis of their business model. Will Palmer says one way to address this is to focus on how customers experience what you sell.

COMMENT: Visual content is critical for online retailers

Feelunique's Tom Newbald pens his tips on why increasing online engagement with and between customers leads to better conversion and transaction rates.
Singles Day

COMMENT: Why Alibaba’s Singles Day is bigger than Black Friday

Alibaba's UK boss David Lloyd writes about what Western retailers can learn from what is possibly the biggest event on China's retail calendar.
mobile Christmas

COMMENT: Why retailers should put mobile first this Christmas

Facebook's head of planning Ian edwards explains why it's okay to start marketing campaigns early, and provides insight into mobile shopping habits and customer behaviour.
China ecommerce

COMMENT: Why China’s ecommerce boom is great for British retail

Trade Minister Baroness Rona Fairhead explains ways in which the government is making it easier for retailers to crack the lucrative Chinese market.
online checkout

COMMENT: Getting online retail up to speed

Marcin Karnowski, who is Google EMEA's marketing director of small-to-medium sized businesses, explains ways in which UK retailers can lift their online game so they don't lose customers at the online checkout.

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