China ecommerce

COMMENT: Why China’s ecommerce boom is great for British retail

Trade Minister Baroness Rona Fairhead explains ways in which the government is making it easier for retailers to crack the lucrative Chinese market.
online checkout

COMMENT: Getting online retail up to speed

Marcin Karnowski, who is Google EMEA's marketing director of small-to-medium sized businesses, explains ways in which UK retailers can lift their online game so they don't lose customers at the online checkout.
direct selling

COMMENT: Selling is becoming social

Lynda Mills, the director general of the Direct Selling Association, explains why the industry as a whole needs to take more notice of the way retail is becoming more social.
brand licensing

COMMENT: It‘s not just about the money, money, money

When it comes to brand extensions, Gabrielle Sims says it‘s important to understand your consumer, their values, morals, aspirations and lifestyle.
self expression

From start-up to grown-up: How online retailers can navigate the awkward growth years

Spreadshirt CEO Philip Rooke writes about issues ecommerce businesses face as they grow up.
Online shoppers Box2

COMMENT: How internet orders can lead to a million pound turnover

Nicky Felix, founder and owner of fashion retailer Box2, provides tips on how to make the successful and profitable switch to online retail.

COMMENT: Is local the new London?

Can the simple addition of "London" to a brand name really guarantee a surge in sales? Mike France, the co-founder of watchmaker and online retailer Christopher Ward, pens his thoughts.
Aldi Brexit

COMMENT: Why has Aldi overtaken Waitrose and M&S?

The Institute of Customer Service CEO Jo Causon on why the highest performing supermarkets for customer satisfaction also experience an increase in market share, while the opposite happens for those who rank poorly.
Scaling data online marketplace

COMMENT: Scaling data is key to reaching personalisation nirvana

Topman's digital director Gareth Rees-John pens his thoughts on importance of scaling data to make a significant impact on customer loyalty and ultimately, customer spend.
On Demand

COMMENT: Five reasons why every retailer should be thinking ‘on-demand‘

As e-commerce grows at an exponential rate and consumer expectations shift, it‘s crunch time for the UK retail sector. The landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, with British retailers under pressure to keep up with the online giants.

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