Thursday, January 27, 2022

Bosses wanted for new BBC doc

Nine Lives Media is looking for bosses to take part in a new BBC documentary which would take a company director, business owner, chief exec etc. and ask them to spend some time with one of their minimum wage workers.

The independent production company, have previously made ‘Pound Shop Wars‘ and ‘Finished at Fifty‘, a Panorama-about older people looking for work. The show would give bosses the same budget as their workers and they would have to spend a week living on the minimum wage. At the end of their time they‘ll have to decide if they think the minimum wage is an adequate salary to live on or whether they want to increase pay to the living wage.

“We are looking at the way that big business is run and the way that salaries are calculated,” said Michelle Barratt, Assistant Producer.

The programme is an entertaining way of looking at the whole minimum wage/living wage debate, but also tackles serious issues such as inflation, the cost of living and the ever increasing gap between the high paid and low paid workers.

The bosses would need to have a real opinion on the way the economy is run and be media friendly. They would also have to employ people on the minimum wage.

If you are interested you can contact the Assistant Producer, Michelle Barratt on 0161 832 2007


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