Monday, September 25, 2017
Peugeot UK

5 Minutes With Mark Pickles, Marketing Director, Peugeot UK

Peugeot recently took motor retail to new heights by opening a dealership that’s just 2.6sq ft inside a London phone box. We spoke to the man who has been a driving force in making this happen.

Does technology help or hinder new retailers?

Technology has become both the biggest obstacle for new retailers, and its biggest asset. Customers expect to be able to access a retailer on every platform, and new retailers are likely to make a poor first impression if this is not available from the off.
London Fashion Week

Can LFW reinvigorate the UK fashion industry?

With the eyes of the fashion world descending on the heart of the British fashion industry this week, could London Fashion Week be the kickstart it needs to reinvigorate retail?
Modern Slavery

Are retailers really turning a blind eye to slavery?

Last month, detectives revealed that modern slavery is far more prevalent than previously thought, estimating numbers to be in the tens of thousands.

Retail Gazette Loves: The World’s Smallest Car Dealership

Peugeot has taken showrooming to new heights, opening a dealership just 2.6sq ft wide inside a London phone box.

From start-up to grown-up: How online retailers can navigate the awkward growth years

Spreadshirt CEO Philip Rooke writes about issues ecommerce businesses face as they grow up.

Is retail really the worst sector to work in?

Every sector has its drawbacks, but a recent study by Glass Door revealed that four out of the 10 companies voted as the worst places to work in the UK by employees were retailers. This compares to just one in the top 10.

The rise of second-hand retail

The bargain generation is here to stay. We take a look at what created the second-hand market and why it's not likely to go anywhere anytime soon.

5 Minutes With Dax Dasilva, CEO, Lightspeed

It’s been a year since Lightspeed launched in the UK. What are some of your thoughts on coming this far so far? I am incredibly...

Retail Gazette Loves: Mr Porter’s Kingsman shop

The world’s first Kingsman shop is set to open this week, selling menswear retailer Mr Porter’s second Kingsman “costume to collection” range

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