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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are accepted and interpreted in accordance with English Law. Retail Gazette Ltd make www.retailgazette.co.uk available to advertisers on the following terms & conditions. By using the services made available by www.retailgazette.co.uk you are deemed to have accepted these terms & conditions.


Services: all advertising products, locations and services made available by Retail Gazette Ltd on www.retailgazette.co.uk including advertising space, direct marketing campaigns, recruitment advertising hosted by Retailmoves.com and access to the list of registered users.

Client: any person or organisation that purchases services from Retail Gazette Ltd.

Duration: the period of time in which the client has access to services provided by Retail Gazette Ltd. detailed on the confirmation form.

Confirmation Form: the form provided by Retail Gazette Ltd. for the client to confirm use of specified services and the payment of them according to the terms & conditions.

Long Term Booking: any contract that has a duration of over 6 months.

Terms & Conditions: these are deemed to have been accepted by a client when a confirmation form has been signed and returned by a client or on behalf of a client.

www.retailgazette.co.uk: the website where services are provided; owned and operated by Retail Gazette Ltd in affiliation with Quest Search and Selection and Retailmoves.com.

Users: Anyone who accesses the website and views its content.

All business undertaken between the client and Retail Gazette Ltd specified on the confirmation form is subject to these Terms & Conditions of business:

Confirmation Form

The confirmation form must be signed, dated and returned to Retail Gazette Ltd. before Retail Gazette Ltd. can confirm a booking. By signing the confirmation form the client is agreeing with these terms & conditions and the provision of the services for the duration specified on the confirmation form.

Invoicing and Payments

a) Prices are guaranteed for the duration stated on the confirmation form. Payment terms are within 14  days of invoice date.

b) Any outstanding monies owing from the client beyond the payment terms of 14  days stated on the invoice shall bear 0.75% interest per calendar month.

Provision of Services

a) If access to services to be used within the duration specified on the confirmation form are provided to you by Retail Gazette Ltd. but not used within that duration they may not be carried over into any subsequent duration unless agreed with Retail Gazette Ltd. in writing. The client is responsible for payment of any services made available but then not used.

b) Retail Gazette Ltd. will endeavour to make our services available to internet users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Where technical faults or problems beyond our control occur, you agree we shall have no financial liability. We will do as much as possible to correct these problems and make up any lost time in lieu after the duration of advertising has lapsed.

Termination of Bookings

a) In the case of long term bookings where clients are invoiced on a monthly basis, cancellation by the client will result in the termination of the contract at the end of the following month.

b) Retail Gazette Ltd may terminate the provision of services if:

i) The client is in material breach of these terms & conditions ii) The client becomes insolvent, ceases to trade or goes into administration or liquidation.


a) The client is responsible for the services used including ensuring the client‘s company details, content and artwork featured on www.retailgazette.co.uk is correct.

b) The content must comply with relevant legislation including race, sex and age discrimination law.

c) Retail Gazette Ltd. reserves the right to remove any details from the web site www.retailgazette.co.uk if this legislation is breached or causes offence. This is undertaken at the discretion of Retail Gazette Ltd..

d) The client‘s relationship with the users is direct. www.retailgazette.co.uk is a platform in which to engage with users and to offer those users opportunities or exposure to the clients brand. It is the client‘s responsibility to deal with responses from users responding to advertisements on www.retailgazette.co.uk.

e) Retail Gazette Ltd. does not guarantee a certain level of response to a clients‘ advertisement or that responses will be from correctly qualified or valuable sources. It is the client‘s responsibility to check the details of the response and to confirm the success of a campaign.

Registered Users

a) Access to the targeting of registered users is for the purpose of approaching users and offering services, opportunities or raising the clients brand profile to the user through the medium of advertising. Approaching the users for any other reason including marketing other media is strictly forbidden. Breach of this condition will result in these services being withdrawn with no refund for invoiced payments received.

Usernames and passwords of registered users access are the sole property of Retail Gazette Ltd.

Data captured on www.retailgazette.co.uk is the sole property of Retail Gazette Ltd.


News articles written on the website www.retailgazette.co.uk are the property of Retail Gazette Ltd, which is affiliated with Quest Search and Selection.

Users of the website agree not to store, reproduce, modify, archive or in any way commercially exploit the news content. The www.retailgazette.co.uk / Retail Gazette Ltd copyright should remain on the content at all times.

Retail Gazette Ltd reserves the right to alter these terms & conditions without notification.

Retail Gazette Ltd. is an affiliated company to Quest Search and Selection, Retail Gazette Ltd reserves the right to share data with Quest Search and Selection for the purpose of marketing.

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www.retailgazette.co.uk  is own and operated by Retail Gazette Ltd. Retail Gazette Ltd. is an affiliate company of Quest Search and Selection. Retail Gazette Ltd reserves the right to share data with Quest Search and Selection for the purposes of marketing.

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