Thursday, April 25, 2019

Charged: Amazon pulls out of China as it fails to compete with Alibaba

Amazon is set to scrap its online store in China as of July after struggling to make a dent in the market dominated by rivals. launches tech innovation lab

Online furniture retailer is launching a technology innovation lab which aims to work with start-ups.

Charged: Secret Shopper – GOAT

GOAT succeeds in its ambition of providing the safest and most trusted marketplace for buying pricey and limited-edition trainers

Charged: Puma launches worlds first AR shoes

Puma has launched the world’s first augmented reality (AR) shoes, which are covered in QR codes.

Charged: Autonomous retail service robots to hit UK for the first time

Autonomous retail service robots are due to hit UK supermarkets in the near future, as robotics firm Bossa Nova brings its tech to British...

Amazon’s cashless Go stores to begin accepting cash

Amazon’s pioneering cashless Go stores are due to start accepting cash, following growing concerns over discrimination.

Charged: Dote app launches livestream “Shopping Parties”

The mobile shopping app Dote is set to launch a live shopping platform, allowing influencers to host “Shopping Parties”.

Charged: Over 20 AI experts call for Amazon to stop selling its facial recognition...

Amazon has been called on by more than 20 AI experts to stop selling its facial recognition software to law enforcement.

Charged: Tesco to launch new Amazon Prime inspired loyalty scheme

Tesco has announced plans to re-launch its Clubcard loyalty scheme with a new initiative expected to mimic Amazon Prime. According to The Sunday Times, the grocer’s...

Charged: Trump targets Amazon, Alibaba and Ebay over counterfeit sales

President Donald Trump has “decided it is time to clean up this Wild West of counterfeiting”, taking aim at online retailers.

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