Monday, April 6, 2020
covid-19 sector coronavirus stockpiling rationing panic buying

Coronavirus: Is it ‘survival of the fittest’ when it comes to retail?

As the UK settles down to the current reality of isolation, transactions have been increasingly shifted online.
Mother's Day covid-19 sales promotions advertising

Will Mother’s Day draw any attention amid the coronavirus chaos?

Retailers attempt to capture consumers' attention every year with Mother's Day promotions.
Jack's Sir Jack Cohen Tesco Aldi Lidl

Where’s Tesco at with Jack’s?

Aldi & Lidl's rapid growth prompted Tesco to launch its discount fascia Jack’s in 2018 to claw back lost customers.
International Women's Day

International Women’s Day: How can retailers avoid tokenism?

Do retailers really incorporate IWD values in practice when it comes to female empowerment in the boardroom?
IWD 2020: British retailers female CEO MD

IWD 2020: A list of British retailers led by female CEOs

This International Women's Day, Retail Gazette highlight female executives in the retail sector.
Brexit UK EU Priti Patel immigration retail

Brexit: The aftermath for retail

What can retailers expect now that the UK has finally left the EU?
Coronavirus retailers impact China

Coronavirus: How long will retail be immune?

Retailers have shuttered their doors throughout China in order to stave off the coronavirus outbreak.
Sex sells retail ASA sexual advertising Advertising Standards Authority

Does sex still sell in retail?

While consumers may be more likely to remember provocative ads, retailers have turned down the heat in recent years
Books bookstore booksellers kindle

How high street book retailers continue to dominate ebooks

Even though consumer attitudes are shifting, the appreciation for physical books remains.
The biggest boardroom CEO changes so far this year

The biggest boardroom changes so far this year

Retail Gazette found some of the biggest and most recent appointments that took the retail industry by storm.

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