Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Paris Retail Week: 5 most exciting technologies

This year’s Paris Retail Week wrapped up earlier this month. Here's our pick of the top 5 most exciting technologies on display.

Roundtable: Retail, social media, and the customer experience

Retailers and brands joined Retail Gazette and Hootsuite for a breakfast event to explore how the industry is using social media

How retailers are using social media to manage and improve the customer experience

Platforms like Twitter and Instagram have evolved into an essential resource for any business offering unlimited opportunities
Tesco half year

Tesco’s disruptor: What we know so far about Jack’s

Jack’s is here to shake things up... Since the recession, Aldi and Lidl have been stealing customers away from the hard-fought middle ground of Tesco,...

The future of flagships: the experts weigh in

Whether we like it or not, flagships are here to stay. But what do those of the future look like?

Has next day delivery become the Wild West of retail?

As the ASA cracks down on Amazon's Prime Next Day delivery promise, we take a closer look at what these promises mean for brands.

The new kings of the high street: Mike Ashley vs. Philip Day (Part 2)

This week The Retail Gazette takes a closer look at Edinburgh Woollen Mill's CEO Philip Day.

The great subscription shift: Is this the end of ownership?

We're now a nation of subscribers. According to research conducted by YouGov and subscription economy creators Zuora, almost nine in ten people across the...

The new kings of the high street: Mike Ashley vs. Philip Day (Part 1)

Just who are these two new high street powerhouses, and how much of the UK’s retail market do they currently have a stake in?

Is Clicks-to-Bricks the new Brick-to-Clicks?

Between the turn of the millennium and 2009, online retail sales increased by some 5000 per cent.

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What will your workforce want and need,  now and in the...

Today's on-demand consumer mentality means businesses now operate in an ‘always-on’ economy. To meet customer demand for 24/7 access to products and services, businesses...