Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Retail technology

Technology in retail: New ideas set to change the industry forever

Technology in retail has transformed the way we shop entirely in recent years, yet the spotlight so often falls on ways retailers can boost online sales.
LGBT Pride retail

Is there enough Pride in retail?

With Pride season in full swing around the world, is it fair to ask if sexuality and/or gender identity is being left behind in the wider diversity debate across the UK retail sector?

Sector Wars: Can mid-market retailers survive without change?

In the third and final part of our Sector Wars feature series, we examine the middle market retailers. Without a financial USP or a strong pull to foreign shoppers, can it hope to compete with its counterparts?
Luxury sector

Sector Wars: Will the luxury sector win the Brexit recession?  

In the second of our three-part study, we examine whether the UK’s luxury sector can thrive in the midst of a looming recession, or whether it will be scrambling to simply survive.
Big 3

The Big 3: The new superpowers in food retail

“This partnership’s gonna change the world." These are the triumphant words of Whole Food founder John Mackey to his employees last week, as he laid...
Tesco-Booker merger

What does the Tesco-Booker merger mean for convenience stores?

The Tesco-Booker deal has been in the spotlight since it was announced earlier this year. As retailers start to make defensive moves, the Retail Gazette examines the implications of the deal on the sector.
budget retail

Sector Wars: Will budget retail win the next recession?

In a new three-part series, the Retail Gazette looks at what is in store for the budget, mid-market and luxury retail sectors in the months to come, and what they can do to weather the storm. 
Seasonal Campaigns

Summer vs Christmas: Which seasonal campaigns are more important?

From Topshop’s Splash waterslide installation, to M&S's “Spend it Well” campaign, or Diesel’s “Make Love Not Walls” offering, summer campaigns are becoming bigger and better than ever in retail.
Outlet Stores

Outlet Stores: How the sector went from feared to fashionable

The UK retail landscape has innumerable facets, from high-profile multi-million-pound flagship stores to independent online start-ups making a name for themselves. Each of these plays an integral part in the retail eco-system, but one that is often overlooked is the outlet store sector.

From shops to showrooms: The changing face of the UK’s shop floors

The retail space race that has been raging for the last three decades, is largely over. Property scarcity, soaring business rates and increasingly tight margins are forcing retailers to rethink how they are using their floor space.

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