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Is sustainability falling off retailers’ agendas amid Covid-19?

We discover whether retailers are too distracted to prioritise sustainable practices amid the pandemic.
Lockdown Covid-19 pandemic reopening stores

The dos & don’ts retailers should consider post lockdown

Once non-essential retailers begin to reopen, many will need to think outside the box in regards to their business strategy.
Covid-19 government ONS furlough online sales store closures lockdown pandemic

How can retailers revive physical store sales after lockdown?

The Covid-19 pandemic may have resulted in increased online revenue, but some fear they won't return to bricks-and-mortar.
Fast fashion stock warehouse covid-19

The challenge of surplus stock in the time of coronavirus

Fast fashion retailers are facing one particular challenge in the wake of Covid-19 - selling leftover stock.
These are the retailers making PPE & other NHS donations

These are the retailers making PPE & other NHS donations

Here is a list of retailers producing PPE for frontline workers and making donations for the NHS.
Oasis & Warehouse Sierra Acquisitions Mosaic Fashion Kaupthing Bank Aurora Fashions Karen Millen Hash Ladha Covid-19

Oasis & Warehouse: What went wrong?

Retail Gazette looks at reasons for The Oasis & Warehouse Group's decline.
Cath Kidston administration CVA Melinda Paraie

Cath Kidston: What went wrong?

Soon after Cath Kidston launched in 1993, it become known for using vintage fabric and iconic print designs. So what went wrong?
EXCLUSIVE: Less than 1/3 of workers believe UK retail will bounce back

EXCLUSIVE: Less than 1/3 of workers believe UK retail will bounce back after lockdown

Less than a third of UK retail workers believe the sector will recover after the coronavirus lockdown is relaxed.

Retail from home: Why lockdown isn’t the real reason retailers aren’t reaching customers

Retailers have never before had the chance to be closer to consumers as they do now.
Grocers rationing stockpiling coronavirus covid-19 kantar nielsen

Coronavirus: Is food rationing the way forward?

For many Brits, the idea of "rationing" is synonymous with World War II & confined to the pages of a history textbook.

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What the High Street will look like after Covid-19

Survival of the fittest: How the High Street will evolve after the crisis Wondering what the High Street is going to look like after lockdown...