Monday, September 25, 2017
Modern Slavery

Are retailers really turning a blind eye to slavery?

Last month, detectives revealed that modern slavery is far more prevalent than previously thought, estimating numbers to be in the tens of thousands.

Is retail really the worst sector to work in?

Every sector has its drawbacks, but a recent study by Glass Door revealed that four out of the 10 companies voted as the worst places to work in the UK by employees were retailers. This compares to just one in the top 10.

The rise of second-hand retail

The bargain generation is here to stay. We take a look at what created the second-hand market and why it's not likely to go anywhere anytime soon.
Facial Recognition

Big Brother is watching: Why retailers probably recognise your face

Facial recognition technology is becoming more advanced, more affordable and more widely adopted across retail. We take a look at what this means for your privacy and the safety of your data.
24-hour retail

24-hour retail: Would it work?

For a true 24-hour retail economy, this ethos needs to be transferred from the digital world into the physical.
Lexicon Bracknell

Spotlight: The Lexicon Bracknell

Ahead of its grand opening next month, the Retail Gazette was given exclusive access to one of the UK’s most exciting retail developments. We take a closer look at the Lexicon and why its significance goes far beyond Bracknell’s high street.

Sustainability in retail: What is the problem?

More retailers than ever before in the UK and around the world are implementing sustainability initiatives. But retailers are so concerned with their environmental impact, why is their carbon footprint still so significant?

The other side of Brexit: A snapshot of Europe’s retail outlook

The UK retail sector’s relationship with the EU has been thrust into the spotlight since Brexit, as weak exchange rates and the threat of tariffs take centre stage on retailers' agendas. But on the other side of the Channel, how is retail fairing?
Amazon Prime Day

Prime-mania 2017: What to expect from this year’s Amazon Prime Day

Analysts around the world are predicting Amazon Prime Day will be bigger and better than last year’s record breaker, running for 30 hours and launching in more countries than ever, including India.
Retail technology

Technology in retail: New ideas set to change the industry forever

Technology in retail has transformed the way we shop entirely in recent years, yet the spotlight so often falls on ways retailers can boost online sales.

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