Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Grimsey Review: Would it work?

Earlier this month a report stated that high streets could only survive if they no longer relied on retail. Could this work?

Is retail in a pensions crisis?

House of Fraser currently has a pension deficit of around £100 million, Dixons Carphone’s £500 million, John Lewis £731 million.

Landlords vs CVAs: The battle of UK retail

CVAs are quite literally taking over the high street, and both major retailers and restaurants are increasingly adopting them

Poundworld: What went wrong (Part II)

Earlier this month, Poundworld officially fell into administration. The Retail Gazette takes a closer look a what went wrong

Redundancy: What will happen to retail’s growing unemployed?

Retail redundancies are growing at an alarming rate, but why is but why is this happening and what can be done to change it?

Poundworld: What went wrong (Part I)

Earlier this week, Poundworld officially fell into administration threatening 5100 jobs across 350 stores.

Global Retail: How is the rest of the world doing?

The UK’s market is but a drop in the £20 trillion global retail ocean. So, what’s happening with the other £19.6 trillion?

Is predictive shopping about to take over retail?

One of the first real-world developments to be born from AI and machine learning is likely to be predictive shopping.

Business Rates 1 Year On: What effect has it had on retail?

One year on from the controversial rise in business rates, the Retail Gazette takes a closer look at the effect its had on retail

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The retail CMO’s guide to Christmas 2018

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