Marketing: What happens when it goes wrong?

Marketing mistakes are nothing new, and it's plain to see that even huge retailers can still slip up.
Gender pay

Updated: The retailers with the biggest gender pay gaps

Just under a year ago, the government passed legislation requiring companies to make their gender pay gap figures public.

GDPR: Retail is far from ready

Swathes of retailers will not be ready for GDPR when it comes into force in May. We look at what fate awaits those lagging behind
Toys R Us

Toys R Us: What went wrong (Part II)

We take a closer look at the final days of Toys R Us examining how and why it collapsed so quickly.
Toys R Us

Toys R Us: What went wrong? (Part I)

Last week Toys R Us announced it was set to close all its stores across the US and the UK, threatening tens of thousands of jobs.

Maplin: What went wrong?

"Black Wednesday" saw Maplin fall into administration. The Retail Gazette takes a closer look at what went wrong, when and why.
Apprenticeship levy

Is the apprenticeship levy working?

As of April 2017, all companies with a pay bill of over £3 million have been forced to pay into the apprenticeship levy.
Soul of Africa Dulma Clark

Unsung Hero: Dulma Clark, Managing Director, Soul of Africa

Dulma Clark may be part of the UK's most prominent family of cobblers, but her entrepreneurial spirit comes with a difference.

Brexit & retail in 2018: Will the high street turn into Fury Road?

Are retailers in a position to start adapting their businesses in order to overcome Brexit challenges?

How to start a retail business

Can new retail businesses survive in the modern economic climate and if so, how?

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