sexual harassment

What should you do if you’ve been sexually harassed at work?

Why does retail have such a high rate of sexual harassment cases? Why are so many unreported? And what steps should victims take?

Are robots about to take over the retail industry?

Is retail destined to be overrun by robots? Will minimum wages become so high that unskilled jobs would be done by machines?
Biggest stories of 2017

The Biggest Stories of 2017

We take a look back over the last year to give you our definitive guide of the biggest stories of 2017.

What will happen to Steinhoff and what does it mean for the UK?

Last week Steinhoff's interim CEO and chairman Christo Wiese stepped down - and this could be a silver lining.

Spotlight: Liverpool One

Liverpool One was conceived with the goal of further advancing the city’s remarkable regeneration.
Christmas Shopping

Is Christmas shopping about to completely change?

Christmas shopping in the run-up to the big day has been around almost as long as Christmas presents. Yet, as with many long-standing traditions this year, this could be about to change.
Black Friday

Could Black Friday redeem dismal October sales?

This morning the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shed a sliver of light on what has otherwise been a dismal period for the retail sector.

Lightspeed’s top 10 tips this Christmas

To help retailers to make the most of the Christmas and turn the sound of sleigh bells into the ding of cash registers, here are Lightspeed’s top ten tips direct from their retailers.

Spotlight: Westgate Oxford

Welcoming the public for the first time today, ahead of 10 days of launch events, the new Westgate has introduced some of the world’s biggest brands to the city, including Uniqlo, Ted Baker, Victoria’s Secret Pink, MAC and Nespresso Boutique.

Bucherer: The luxury watch retailer you’ve never heard of

The black and bronze exterior of Bucherer’s flagship store in Lucerne will soon make its way to London. We met the leaders behind one of Europe’s largest watch retailers to find out more.

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What’s your most profitable channel? For most retailers, it’s email. It’s so effective that for more than two-thirds of marketers surveyed by Sailthru, increasing revenue from email...