Cath Kidston administration CVA Melinda Paraie

Cath Kidston: What went wrong?

Soon after Cath Kidston launched in 1993, it become known for using vintage fabric and iconic print designs. So what went wrong?
EXCLUSIVE: Less than 1/3 of workers believe UK retail will bounce back

EXCLUSIVE: Less than 1/3 of workers believe UK retail will bounce back after lockdown

Less than a third of UK retail workers believe the sector will recover after the coronavirus lockdown is relaxed.

Retail from home: Why lockdown isn’t the real reason retailers aren’t reaching customers

Retailers have never before had the chance to be closer to consumers as they do now.
Grocers rationing stockpiling coronavirus covid-19 kantar nielsen

Coronavirus: Is food rationing the way forward?

For many Brits, the idea of "rationing" is synonymous with World War II & confined to the pages of a history textbook.
Coronavirus covid-19 panic buying pandemic online shopping store closures stockpiling rationing

Coronavirus: When will retail return to normal?

The UK has entered uncharted waters where retailers are having to deal with unprecedented demand (or lack thereof) from customers
covid-19 sector coronavirus stockpiling rationing panic buying

Coronavirus: Is it ‘survival of the fittest’ when it comes to retail?

As the UK settles down to the current reality of isolation, transactions have been increasingly shifted online.
As Covid-19 continues to cause havoc - here's a list of retailers who are going out of their way to help NHS medical staff get the essentials they need and ensure that those at risk stay safe while shopping in store.

Coronavirus: These are the retailers helping NHS staff & the vulnerable

Here is a list of retailers who are implementing new initiatives in store to help NHS workers get the essentials they need.
Mother's Day covid-19 sales promotions advertising

Will Mother’s Day draw any attention amid the coronavirus chaos?

Retailers attempt to capture consumers' attention every year with Mother's Day promotions.
Jack's Sir Jack Cohen Tesco Aldi Lidl

Where’s Tesco at with Jack’s?

Aldi & Lidl's rapid growth prompted Tesco to launch its discount fascia Jack’s in 2018 to claw back lost customers.
International Women's Day

International Women’s Day: How can retailers avoid tokenism?

Do retailers really incorporate IWD values in practice when it comes to female empowerment in the boardroom?

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