Sunday, November 18, 2018

Poundworld: What went wrong (Part I)

Earlier this week, Poundworld officially fell into administration threatening 5100 jobs across 350 stores.

Global Retail: How is the rest of the world doing?

The UK’s market is but a drop in the £20 trillion global retail ocean. So, what’s happening with the other £19.6 trillion?

Is predictive shopping about to take over retail?

One of the first real-world developments to be born from AI and machine learning is likely to be predictive shopping.

Business Rates 1 Year On: What effect has it had on retail?

One year on from the controversial rise in business rates, the Retail Gazette takes a closer look at the effect its had on retail
Sebastian Wormell

Unsung Hero: Sebastian Wormell, Archivist, Harrods

Sebastian Wormell did not mince words when asked why Harrods’ archives are so precious.
online retail sales

How can retailers protect themselves from a “pay later” returns culture?

The Retail Gazette takes a closer look at the growth of pay later returns, and what retailers can do to protect themselves.
retailers must adapt

CVAs: What are they? Do they work? Why are we seeing so many?

As CVAs become an increasingly familiar part of the retail landscape, The Retail Gazette takes a closer look at what they are

Conviviality: What went wrong?

The Retail Gazette takes a closer look at what was behind the break-neck downfall of the once mighty Conviviality retail empire.

Marketing: What happens when it goes wrong?

Marketing mistakes are nothing new, and it's plain to see that even huge retailers can still slip up.

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