Sunday, October 20, 2019
Copycat economy

Is the copycat economy damaging mid-market retail?

It's no secret that various fast fashion retailers thrive on copying luxury catwalk designs.
travel terminals shopping

The rise of airports & train terminals as shopping destinations

The travel retail sector is at an all-time high as it attracts and engages passengers by delivering a unique and convenient...
Bonmarché Philip Day

Can Philip Day turn Bonmarche around?

There is much speculation as to whether Philip Day has what it takes to turn the struggling womenswear retailer around.
pride in retail

Has retail reached an impasse on LGBT inclusion & representation?

Recent years have seen improvements in boardroom representation and inclusion initiatives for women, disabled and culturally & linguistically diverse people working at British retailers. But what about LGBT people?

Why your business needs geolocation

By 2020, it’s estimated that around 4.8 billion people globally will own a smartphone – creating a potential for retailers and SMEs to sell...

CEO pay rises: justified or staff robbery?

Earlier this month the UK government turned down recommendations to give staff a say over their chief executive’s pay, rejecting
Boardroom, leadership & employment

The case for young people in retail boardrooms

Despite millennials representing one of the largest generations ever, very few young people currently serve on boardrooms.
Topshop flagship pension

Arcadia: What went wrong?

On Wednesday afternoon Arcadia Group was saved from administration by agreeing on the required majority of its company voluntary
Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is more important than you think

Loyal customers are worth more. They spend more money, more frequently and cost retailers less to keep.

Organise: The company behind the downfall of Ted Baker’s Ray Kelvin

Since Harvey Weinstein was first implicated in a string of sexual harassment cases in 2017, which spanned numerous decades and involved upwards of 80...

Feature Resource

[Webinar] Stop in-store downtime by leveraging SD WAN

  Do you want to capitalise on overseas growth opportunities without the risks? This webinar, hosted by Retail Gazette, will explore the ways in which...