Friday, September 17, 2021

Ford first to use watermarks in retail brochures

Auto manufacturer Ford will use watermarks in car brochures for the first time and will enable consumers to immerse themselves in the experience of buying a new car.

The software will allow customers to customize a Ford Mustang, view interior and exterior details up close and watch racing videos with a quick scan of their mobile device.

David Latcha, owner/founder of design agency Latcha+Associates said that new vehicle buyers were also heavy mobile device users. He added: “We used the brochures to engage the customer on the spot with well targeted and fully integrated content. Early response from customers and dealers is extremely encouraging.”

The new marketing strategy was showcased at Integrated Marketing Week in New York City this month.

The watermark utilizes Digimarc technology to create hidden digital experiences within the printed page.

Lisa Chapman, President of Latcha+Associates was enthusiastic about the product saying: “Watching a two dimensional photo come alive is a whole new level of emotional connection. The brochures raises the bar on what shoppers expect.”


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