EE to invest £275m into mobile calls next year


Mobile network provider EE will invest £275m into improving customers‘ mobile calls as it seeks to bring the UK up-to-date with Europe.

The phone firm, who were formed when Orange and T-Mobile merged in 2010, plan to upgrade voice call quality and reliability across the UK.

11,000 2G sites will be upgraded and capacity will be doubled on 7,000 3G sites.

The news follows findings that overall call volume was up 25 per cent since the beginning of 2012 on the EE network.

Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE, said he thought the UK mobile industry could do better to match the European market.

“We intend to improve the experience for our customers, taking our quality and reliability to levels to those achieved by other operators across Europe.

“This year, we have been focusing a large amount of our activity and investment on offering consumers the most reliable, highest quality phone call experience.”

EE say they will upgrade 5,000 more 2G sites and will increase capacity on 5,500 more sites on the 3G network. The firm is also planning trials of 4G voice (VoLTE) and voice over Wi-Fi in 2014.