Ikea pull advert after MH17 tragedy


Ikea have decided to pull their latest video advert due to fears it may cause offence following the recent tragedy in Ukraine.

The advert, titled ‘There‘s No Bed Like Home‘ features a woman cascading through a city skyline. It begins with her waking up and tentatively looking over the edge of her bed, she then climbs out of the bed and subsequently plummets through the sky in her nightdress, before finally falling back into bed.

It was no doubt intended to demonstrate the emotions experienced when both getting out and getting back into bed. Peter Wright, Ikea UK and Ireland marketing manager said “We wanted to base a campaign on how to start and end each day in the right way, with our tips from A-Zzz”.

The advert – created by Mother – was to be shown on radio and TV channels as well as video on demand, social media and PR channels.

However the company have decided to halt these plans after the MH17 was shot down last Thursday. One Youtube user commented that the advert was “a great idea…But what a bad timing for this to come out. I still have in my ears the voices of some people in Ukraine talking about a sky raining bodies.”


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