Paul UK and Moonpig improving staff engagement and results


A commonly held view is excessive use of ‘corporate speak‘ is something that many businesses could pare back.

‘Generic Brand Video,‘ which highlighted the way brands and businesses can communicate their message in a formulaic fashion, gained millions of online views this year and raised discussion with professionals from a wide variety of sectors.

The spoof video pokes fun at corporate advertising and the ways brands use imagery and narrative to sell to consumers.

Darren Williams, commercial director for Paul UK, Sophie Tanner, operations director of Karen Millen and Ruth Genelazo, head of customer services at personalised cards company said in a discussion at the Customer Experience Exchange Retail event this afternoon (3 July) about tangible changes, which help staff and consumers, that they‘ve implemented since joining.

“We listen to our store managers and promised that we would open six stores before Christmas and refurbish nine stores. This is on track. We also refreshed the areas where our employees take their breaks,” said Williams. “I got the back areas sorted out first, the front areas second.”

He also talked up the importance of getting involved in stores after the Paul shop in Canary Wharf was voted best performing store. Williams and other head office personnel worked an 18 hour shift as a ‘thank you‘ to its retail team.

“It worked two fold and the team were buzzing afterwards,” he enthused.

His non-stuffy and employee centred approach appears to be working as customer satisfaction levels are up 10 per cent compared to last year.

Ruth Genelazo says Moonpig, which is making the shift to an occasion-based company, wants to retain its fun culture since being acquired by Photobox three years ago. The firm appears to taking inspiration from Google. “We talk to our staff on a one-to-one basis so it improves accountability and team spirit within the organisation… it‘s a fun place to work.”

In a response to Genelazo‘s presentation, a management figure from a leading food and fashion retailer asked how Moonpig was making its workplace fun.

Speaking outside of the event, a former store manager of the delegate in question said: “If I wanted to put something up on the wall it would have to get approval. When I begun to leave they seemed to be doing more in the way they engaged with staff. But ultimately I didn‘t feel like it was my store.”


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