Friday, February 22, 2019

Fashion Apps that have made a splash this summer


Today we take a look at two of the most exciting new fashion technology advances on the market.

The first, Smartzer, aims to enrich the consumer‘s retail experience through the use of engaging video technology that creates a “seamless shopping experience”. The second is Gleam, an app that has created an innovative B2B intelligence platform to give brands real-time feedback on how consumers are interacting with their products and services.

Smartzer is the brainchild of Karoline Gross, who shot to fame on Dragons Den earlier in the year. She has already attracted big name clients such as House of Holland for her ingenious retail technology solution. The idea is based on the creation of an additional “layer” to online videos and interactive sites, whereby users can identify products within the videos and buy them directly, using the video as a purchasing platform.

Smartzer‘s focus on design and creating the ultimate consumer journey, right through from initial exposure to the product to actually purchasing it. This, according to Smartzer‘s founder, “sets us apart from other companies in this space. We are committed to working with our clients to use our technology in a variety of formats to offer relevant solutions in this ever changing space”.

With the rapid growth of online video material and the constant challenges faced by retailers to engage with their customers, Smartzer looks to offer multi-channel solutions to both simplify and enrich the consumer‘s experience as well as increasing revenues through ease of use.

Smartzer‘s future looks bright as it recently announced an exciting new partnership with the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend, hosted at Somerset House in September. Smartzer‘s “shoppable” video content will be displayed on touch screens at the event, tailored to the various catwalks and displays around them. This will allow shoppers to seamlessly browse, try and ultimately purchase fashion products whilst engaged in an interactive experience.

At the other end of the spectrum, Gleam has launched its Fashion Intelligence Platform to revolutionise the way brands can access and analyse consumer information. Using highly segmented analytics from its app, which informs its users about the latest fashion trends, it offers brands real-time insight into what consumers want and which of their products are most popular at any given time.

Maria d‘Orey, Managing Director of Gleam, said: “Following a successful first year of our consumer app, it made sense to make the data we are continuously gathering available to brands to use”.

The technology is sophisticated, but essentially it enables Gleam to offer a B2B platform that uses an “algorithmic based geo-located stream” to collect real-time engagement data of over 100,000 daily data points. This enables the new B2B platform to share the insights it has gained from the users of its apps, adding further value to Gleam simply by using information that it already possessed.

Perfect for any brands looking for “insights into particular market trends, or marketing professionals planning to target actual and potential customers“. In other words, all of them.


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