Friday, February 22, 2019

eBay‘s guide to mobile selling success this Christmas


The festive season is already upon us with over 700 “Christmas” items being sold per hour on eBay in the last month. And with 40% of eBay transactions globally touched by mobile at some point in the transaction, getting your mobile strategy right is key for selling success this Christmas.

Here are my tips on how eBay sellers can maximise their mobile sales this year:

Inventory is key

More shoppers visit the eBay marketplace at this time of year so it is vital that you upload your full inventory to the site. If shoppers can‘t see your products, they can‘t buy them so your online offering should match exactly what you have in stock. eBay‘s Turbo Listing tool is useful for creating professional-looking listings and uploading all of your product lines in one go.

First impressions count

On mobile, your images need to do all the talking. Make sure you stand out from the crowd by only featuring clear, high-resolution images showing multiple angles of the product. Images should appear on a blank white background with no text. In the US this one tip has proven to increase sales by 5%. Your listing is your virtual showroom and it‘s important to make sure it looks as good as possible.

Short and sweet

When listing your products think about where and when your mobile audience will be online. They could be travelling or between appointments with less time to browse and a short attention span so it pays to make sure you cover the important detail as early as possible in the listing description and use a listing template (if any) which is optimised for mobile. Check your listing on multiple devices including Android phones, iPhones and iPads to ensure it looks good for all of your potential customers.


Mobile shoppers tend to have a narrow focus in terms of item type, size, colour and price, compared to desktop browsers who tend to look more broadly around a category. This means setting clear classifications for your products is key to make it easy for the mobile browser.

Harness the power of social media

eBay Collections are a great way of attracting new customers, allowing you to curate a collection of inventory and share it with the eBay community. Make sure your Collection says something – it could be inspiring, informative or entertaining – and then get it out there! Use social media to share Collections and engage with your customers. Once you have created a Collection, you can share on platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter quickly and easily using “share” links. If you already have pages for your business on these social sites, log on and once you press “share” your Collection will automatically post to that account.