Friday, February 22, 2019

Halloween market is growing


New findings have shown that Britons are more looking forward to All Hallows‘ Eve more than ever this year, as the Halloween market is estimated to be worth a rosy £283.4mil to UK retailers.

Lead by retail and shopper marketing agency Savvy Marketing, the research investigates UK household shoppers‘ hopes, plans and expenditure expectations for the October 31st celebration.

Families are the most likely to get involved, especially those with children, as well as nearly half of 18-35 year olds confirming their plans to celebrate.

In terms of specific retailers, 41% of Asda‘s customers are planning to get involved, the highest of all the supermarkets listed. Asda continues to benefit from the influence of its parent Wal-Mart, which means it can import Halloween retail innovations from the US. This is in comparison with 35% of Morrisons shoppers and Tesco and Sainsbury‘s shoppers each with 31% of customers getting involved.

72% of celebrators plan to buy confectionary, 41% intend to decorate their homes and 37% will be dressing up.

It was found that shoppers are looking to be inspired in-store, with 63% of those planning to celebrate Halloween expecting to see a dedicated aisle at their supermarket.

In light of this, retailers can have fun by getting involved in a lighthearted competition being run on social networking site Twitter. Steve Dresser, retail insight provider of ‘Grocery Insight‘ is hosting a competition to find the UK‘s favourite Halloween display. Using the hashtag #retailhalloween2014, tweeters can submit photos of which Dresser will pick the winning display and accredit with an award.


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