Saturday, February 16, 2019

Has the iPad lost its appeal?


Apple‘s iPhone profits may be beating records but iPad sales are slowly going down.

Apple revealed that sales of iPhones reached £39.2bil in the past three months, beating last year‘s figure of £33.8 million in the same time period.

Despite the iPhone‘s success, there is growing concern of the slowing sales of iPads. This could be down to iPhone 6 Plus having a very similar resemblance to the iPad mini. The iPhone 6 Plus, with its extra large screen, makes customers question whether it is worth having both the phone and an iPad. The purpose of the larger mobile phone screen is to target those who consume videos, books and magazines on their mobile phones. You can also read magazines, books and watch videos easily on an iPad.

Apple recently unveiled the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 but with the new Apple Watch and hype surrounding the iPhone 6, who is the new iPad relevant to?

When the iPad was originally released in 2010, Apple sold 18 million units in their first year. In Apple‘s most recently reported quarter, 12.3 mil iPads were sold, down from 14.1mil the previous year.

The new iPad launches may not have been criticised but there is little excitement surrounding them. The main selling point of the iPad mini 3 is it now has the Apple Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The iPad Air 2 has got slightly more added features such as a less reflective display, which is 18% thinner, and a faster processer. With minimal new features on offer, many iPad owners will choose not to upgrade their iPad. There will still be customers who will choose to buy the Apple tablet for the first time but there is a lot more competition out there.

The iPad mini 3 is currently available to pre-order and costs £319 upwards.


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