The Gurus helping SMEs grow their businesses


The UK is experiencing better economic conditions now than a couple of years ago, but nevertheless the climate is still tough especially for new businesses and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) looking to break into a very competitive market. It is therefore important to keep costs low. Renting office space, hiring consultants and purchasing technology quickly add up in terms of costs and time to implement. Telenomics and O2 have joined forces to make these things more accessible by providing new businesses and SMEs with support, practical advice and space to help their business grow.

The O2 Workshop is a workspace away from the usual office where people can hot desk for the day, hire out spaces for meetings or host brainstorms in a relaxed and open environment. The O2 Workshop also runs networking events where SMEs can meet other like-minded people to perhaps collaborate with or swap ideas and advice. Alongside the top of the range equipment and spaces available there is a Guru Bar – a place where SMEs can gain expert knowledge from tech aficionados about how best to use tech for their organisations.

The Gurus themselves look after an average of 30 businesses per week, offering in-depth information and advice on how tech can help businesses and how best to utilise it so that it is cost-effective and efficient. The Gurus have been a part of Telenomics since 2011 and their team is now 17 strong covering each one of their Franchise stores and their Business Development Team. Focusing on the needs of SME customers, the Business Gurus work alongside the account managers from Telenomics to provide this expert advice about tech and the business market.

Customers can enjoy impartial advice about the latest technologies in the mobile phone market, these could include advice on which cloud system may best suit their needs to the latest power saving technologies that can keep customers devices running for longer. Data conversations are always popular and Gurus work with SMEs to get them set up on their devices, ensuring they‘re secure and configured correctly with the right software for their business.

Apart from the educational element, the Gurus can assist in troubleshooting issues that may affect customers‘ devices performing at their optimum level. This may range from Apps that keep crashing to unwanted signal issues that deny customers the basic ability to make calls on their smartphone – the Gurus have the solution.

It is vital for the UK economy that SMEs have opportunities available to them to gain valuable insight into technology and the market they are working in. The resident Gurus help make this possible and by using the O2 Workshop as an office away from the office it is possible to learn, collaborate, share and grow.


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