Saturday, February 16, 2019

Advent calendars are no longer just for children


Traditionally, advent calendars are used to count down the days in anticipation of Christmas. Nowadays advent calendars are mainly associated with children and teenagers, which usually involve a large rectangle card with ‘windows‘ that open up to reveal small chocolates in the countdown to Christmas.

But nowadays advent calendars are far from being a chocolate novelty just for kids, especially with many brands taking advantage of this festive tradition.

For example beauty brands and even beer brands are now creating advents calendars.

Popular beauty brands such as Benefit and Jo Malone have created advent calendars for adults and even Liberty and Selfridges have began too.

One for the men is the beer advent calendar that has been created by American-based brewers. This advent calendar consists of one crate of beer in a box with of course 24 windows revealing a beer each day.

Gary Lohin, Central City‘s Brewmaster said “There is an insatiable appetite for these kinds of holiday beer packs especially during the festive season.”

“We had fun with the concept, and made some amazing collaborative holiday beers together as part of the project.”

The beauty advent calendars range from around £60 to £250, which is very costly compared to a chocolate advent calendar you can pick up from your local supermarket for around £4. However these pricier advent calendars are a great idea for consumers to give them as a gift idea and a substitute to giving somebody an actual Christmas present.

Retailers can use the tradition of the advent calendar to sell almost anything they feel would suffice for the festive period.

With the help of social media, and the constant crave for new things being the be all and end all of today‘s society we live in, these new adult style advent calendars are sure to be a must have during the festive period each year, which retailers must take advantage of.