Thursday, February 21, 2019

Liberty creates a mobile app


Luxury British department store Liberty is launching its own app that rewards customers for liking their products.

The Tapestry app uses technology know as iBeacon, to allow shoppers to connect their online Instagram accounts to their Liberty‘s store account and gain rewards based on their ‘likes‘.

The famed Regent Street store, known for its Tudor revival architecture, offers the bespoke rewards using an in-store smart phone detector that memorises the customers‘ purchasing history to establish a pattern that the store can interact with. Taking the information and matching it against their brands, the system known as Liberty Loyalty data can grant a regular customer discounts from their favourite designers that will appeal to their individual tastes.

The app was created by London developers The Upside, an innovation consultancy firm that specialises in content for social platforms and boasts names like Adidas and Giffgaff amongst their clientele. iBeacon technology is an indoor proximity system Apple Inc. calls “a new class of low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify nearby iOS 7 devices of their presence”. Through Bluetooth smart sensors, the smartphone and other devices, can perform actions when they are close together.

Ryan Thomas, multi-channel director at Liberty said:

“The work we have done with Upside to develop the Tapestry app will not only make it easier for our loyalty customers to access and use their Liberty rewards, but will also make their overall Liberty experience much more personal.”

Liberty is one of a growing trend of stores to recognise the increasing importance of mobile-commerce in what has become a significant part of the retail industry since the invention of smart technology.

Technology has advanced the way we do everything, and in regards to shopping, mobile media is a rapidly changing field where new technologies are accelerating innovation in the future of our vouchers coupons, loyalty cards and spending.