Chanel launches ‘e-service‘ plan

After recently confirming that it will align its prices, fashion power house Chanel is now preparing for another ‘universal‘ move that will allow the luxury retailer to sell its goods online.

The news that Chanel will soon be launching e-commerce has been contemplated for some time, though Chanel‘s President of Fashion, Bruno Palovsky rejected the idea back in 2012 when he said:

“What we want today – and the way we use digital – is to have more and more people come to the boutique to see the product, to touch the product, but also to try the product.”

He urged customers to come to the store to try items on commenting ,“Our clothes are quite sophisticated and one of our strengths is alterations”.

However, it seems that even the most prestigious of brands can‘t escape the internet in 2015. Pavlovsky told WWD that the venture isn‘t much of a shift from the digital platform Chanel has already been running:

“It‘s an evolution to better serve our customers. Some of the customers are able to come into the boutique”.

Palovsky associates the plans with customers now requiring ‘speedy shopping‘. Consumers don‘t always have time to shop in store, “they want to go faster and they know exactly what they want – it‘s more e-service than a pure e-commerce approach”.

Chanel will be including its new pricing on its online platform, which will align its prices for the staple bags including the 11.12, the Boy bag and the 2.55 from April 8 2015.

Making the $7bn company available to a wider market and distributing goods at standard prices, can only be a positive step forward for a retailer that holds a notable place on ‘Forbes list of the World‘s Most Valuable Brands‘.

Chanel shoppers will have to wait until 2016 before they can expect deliveries to their front door.


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