Friday, November 26, 2021

Metcalfe’s Food Company de-merging

Metcalfe‘s Food Company has announced a de-merger and restructure of its business. Known for developing first to market, light snacks under the umbrella of its two brands itsu [grocery] and Metcalfe‘s skinny, Metcalfe‘s Food Company will split from 1 June 2015 forming itsu [grocery] Ltd and Metcalfe‘s skinny Ltd. The move, which represents a large step forward for the company, has been implemented to better support the fast growth of both brands by creating the dedicated structure and resource that they now “require and deserve”.

Food entrepreneur Julian Metcalfe originally founded the holding group in 2009 so he could sell popcorn and healthier snacks to his itsu and Pret A Manger shops, tapping in to the demand for affordable, healthy food. Robert Jakobi joined as Managing Director in 2010 and six years later, Metcalfe‘s Food Company is the fastest growing privately owned food and drink company in the UK, selling its products to all major supermarkets and selected retailers abroad.

Both new companies launch under the leadership of two newly appointed members from within the business. Claudia Santagada, 28, and Max Rees, 30, become Managing Directors of itsu [grocery] Ltd and Metcalfe‘s skinny Ltd respectively and both teams will increase the number of staff by over a third.

Jakobi said of the news: “It was important for us to build a long lasting structure so we can satisfy the increasing demand for our current lines and our exciting NPD plans. We have created two distinct teams to run each brand. I can‘t wait to get cracking and see us reach the potential I know we have!”

Metcalfe added: “It is true testament to our incredibly passionate team that this demerger has happened as fast as has. We have grown at such an incredible rate. It’s an incredibly exciting time for us.”


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