Saturday, February 16, 2019

Lucy Choi London to open first standalone store


Lucy Choi is becoming less known as ‘Jimmy Choo‘s niece‘ and more as an entrepreneur and renowned luxury footwear designer in her own right.

In autumn Choi will open the first Lucy Choi standalone boutique, which will sit in the heart of Connaught Village – the retail and restaurant quarter of the Hyde Park Estate.

Taking on the Connaught Street store once inhabited by Choo, the designer‘s new shop represents the beginnings of a new generation and the continuation of the world famous shoe family legacy.

It is understood that Choi plans to open five outlets by the end of 2016. Until now, her designs were only available within stores such as Fenwicks.

Opening in central London was the result of increasing customer demand for a boutique where clients can browse, try on and purchase from the full collection. Choi was also keen to offer their existing international customers a store where they can shop when in London and thanks to the prime location, attract a new international footfall of visitors to the city.

Choi commented: “Our first boutique represents an exciting new landmark and is the culmination of my vision to have my own store. Connaught Village is one of the most special places in London for me and I spent a considerable amount of time seeking just the right location, as I wanted to create a beautiful, calming environment and an inspiring space for our customers to shop in.”

Currently, Lucy Choi shoes are stocked in around 80 outlets in the UK, and sold internationally at Harvey Nichols Dubai and Hong Kong and Saks Fifth Avenue Dubai.  It is understood that Choi plans to open five additional stores by the end of 2016. 


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