Sunday, September 20, 2020

MP suggests Sir Philip Green could advise on pension bill


Sir Philip Green could be asked to contribute to a new law for protecting pensions.

The sale of BHS, which saw Green offload the company for £1 knowing about its £571m pension deficit, is currently being investigated by MPs.

Frank Field MP, the head of one of the committees looking into the deal and those involved, previously suggested that Green should be stripped of his knighthood if he did not fulfil a “moral duty to make good the pension scheme.”

Now however, Field has suggested that Green could be brought in to advise on a new law designed to protect pension recipients: a “mega pension bill.”

“I mean that quite seriously,” Field said. “He‘s an intelligent man. He can be a key player in telling us what is the best deal we can get for many of the thousands of occupational pension schemes remaining – many of which are in big trouble.”

Green previously called for Field to stand down from the Committee for making the knighthood remark; some might therefore see this about-face as an olive branch. A spokesperson for Green declined to comment on Field‘s suggestion.


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