iPhone 8 launch sees dismal turnout

iPhone 8

Apple’s flagship iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have launched in the UK this morning to a luke-warm reception as Apple fans hold out for the new iPhone X.

The historic queues which last year saw fans camp outside Apple‘s store five days before launch, were replaced with modest sized groups this morning.

Its new iPhone is reportedly 70 per cent faster than its predecessor and includes wireless charging features.

Despite this, fans are holding out for the new iPhone X set to be the tech giants most premium phone to date, retailing at a record £999, just £50 more than the highest specification iPhone 8 Plus.

Released in November, the iPhone X will introduce new features like facial recognition technology allowing users to control emojis, unlock their phone and make payments with Apple pay.

“The people that are considered the die-hard fans are more than likely, I suspect, to wait for the iPhone X in November,” technology expert Stuart Miles said.

“I still expect the iPhone 8 to do very well, but not to see the usual rush to get it first, as the people that this phone is now aimed at aren’t the people who queue up over night.”

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