Ikea appoints Javier Quiñones as the new UK & Ireland CEO

Javier Quiñones IKEA UK CEO

Ikea has announced the appointment of Javier Quiñones as the new country retail manager to replace Gillian Drakeford and lead its UK and Ireland business.

Quiñones will take the helm on June 1 and will be tasked with building on Drakeford’s sales growth and expansion legacy.

He began his Ikea career over 20 years ago at Ikea Badalona in Barcelona as a part time co-workers in the self-serve department before he progressed within Ikea Spain.

After stints as sales manager and store manager for the Swedish retailer’s Spanish operations, he joined the UK and Ireland arm in 2014 in his current role as deputy retail manager.

Quiñones has been credited for playing an important role in driving the success of Ikea’s UK and Ireland business with responsibility for sales, property, marketing, expansion, logistics, interior design and a number of stores.

“Having already spent 20 fantastic years at Ikea, I’m excited to take my next step as country retail manager for Ikea UK and Ireland,” he said.

He added: “There’s a huge amount of innovation and transformation in the retail industry, from experimenting with in-store experience to merging digital and physical retail.

“I’m looking forward to ensuring Ikea leads the way, and continuing the journey we’ve been on to date, building on Gillian’s legacy.”

Meanwhile, Drakeford will join Inter Ikea Systems, the owner of the Ikea Concept and worldwide franchiser, as Ikea Retail System Manager.

There, she will lead the development of the Swedish giant’s retail system.

Ikea commended her for her work in committing to paying the real Living Wage in 2016 and becoming the first major retailer to guarantee one weekend off in four for customer-facing staff.

“I am so proud of what we have accomplished to date in the UK and Ireland and I feel honoured to have the opportunity to join Inter Ikea Systems,” Drakeford said.

“I’m looking forward to taking my next step in the business and having a positive impact on the future development of Ikea.”

Quiñones is set to take the helm just as as Ikea in the UK and Ireland achieved its sixth consecutive year of growth last year, and opened new stores in Reading, Sheffield and its 21st store in Exeter, which opened last week.

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  1. Dear Javier,

    I am speaking for myself and many other keen customers who travel 2+ hours to closest IKEA store as there isn’t one near by in Boston (Lincolnshire).

    Just some facts. It would be a good demand location as there are many Eastern Europe citizens living around Boston, Spalding, Sleaford area.
    These people are very close to Scandinavian countries originally therefore highly value modern practical items for considerable value.
    Be here before Jysk ;-).

    Please do consider if you have any future plans opening an additional store to open one in Boston Lincolnshire.

    Area is developing fast and within last 1.5 years and for next 2 years local government have plans to finish over 300 000 new homes in surrounding areas (including Boston).

    Doesn’t that sound like a good plan where to be for future profit? Young families.

    Please don’t ignore my email if you care for your company growth.
    I am a Business Analyst myself and know a bit in the area and know where to spot benefits.
    Consider this as a free consultation.

    Good luck !

    Best regards

  2. Dear Javier

    Congratulation to you for a year as CEO for IKEA Singapore.

    I have an opinion and great idea that IKEA needs to have a new look or huge change for business strategy for the next decades.

    Thank you

  3. Dear Mr. Quinones,
    Sunday I bought a china cabinet and requested assembly and delivery. It is store 042 in Tampa, Fl. It arrived today 3 hours after delivery window and unassembled. I was then told I needed to schedule with TaskRabbit. I was NOT told this in the store. I could order from Wayfair if I wanted to build it. I was under the impression from Marcus F. That I paid assembly. To return this item it would take 7-10 days to refund my credit card. There are no numbers to call the Tampa store, I had to speak to Baltimore. I have been shopping at IKEA since 1980 in Germany and am sooo disappointed with this store. Good luck. iKEA is not what it used to be and feel like it’s not great here in the US.

  4. Ok so here I go again! I am absolutely amazed that no one in a position of authority has bothered to react to my first post left last week! My wife and I went For our first appointment to IKEA in Norwich on 24th May. To say it was a disaster is an understatement! The lady who was supposed to help us design our kitchen had ni idea how to use the IKEA system and at the end of our session we left having been told we could now go home and complete the design ourselves! So, we booked another appointment at Lakeside IKEA, some 2 and a half hours away. This time Wayne did a great job but said that we should go away and make sure we were happy with the design. We returned to Norwich and fortunately had Tom who com0leted the design on 2nd August, however, he also said that we needed to wait for the plans to be checked by someone else in IKEA. We managed to get a measuring service completed by Laurence Osborne (after about 3 missed appointments) and we are now left waiting for someone to take up our case, take our order and arrange the installation. Despite many, many phone calls to Traemand, no one has had the courtesy to get back to us. Today, 2nd September, we have made an appointment with Howdens for this Friday afternoon at 2pm to get one of their kitchens.
    It all seems such a shame as the IKEA kitchen is tge one that we want BUT you just don’t want to sell it to us. The order number is 1044282382 and my family card number is 6275981961296. It would be good to get some reaction!


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