David Gandy mocks people with “knickers in a twist” over M&S advert

David Gandy, the model featured in Marks & Spencer’s window display that is now the centre of a sexism row, has weighed in on the debate.

Yesterday Gandy tweeted an image of himself in underwear sold by M&S, poking fun at the uproar over the allegedly sexist advert.

“If any men want any ‘must have fancy knickers’ for Christmas. Then I may know just where to shop,” he said.

This comes after an image of a window display in M&S’s Nottingham store went viral when shopper Fran Bailey branded it “grotesque” in a Facebook post to the Feminist Friends Nottingham group.

The display in question features Gandy posing in a suit with the tagline “must-have outfits to impress”, while a second display in the same window depicts a woman in her underwear next to the tagline “must-have fancy little knickers”.

Bailey argued that this juxtaposition encourages the “normalisation of damaging gender stereotypes” and suggests women are obsessed with “fancy little knickers”.

Gandy defended his post when a user tweeted that he had missed the point.

“Not missing the point at all. Just making fun of it, as many people are getting their knickers in a twist about it,” he said.

“Oh FYI, the sales of my line are very much up and have been for the last four years running. Its [sic] doing very very well. Tnks [sic] for asking.”

He followed this up with a second tweet featuring a still of him in M&S’ advert wearing rubber gloves: “Im [sic] outraged that M&S had me wearing ‘must have fancy little washing up gloves’ to do the washing up! Have we not learnt anything over the last 35 years. We all have dishwashers!”

The retailer also responded to the accusations yesterday.

“M&S sells more underwear, in more shapes, sizes and styles, than any other retailer, especially at Christmas,” it said.

“We’ve highlighted one combination in our windows, which are part of a wider campaign that features a large variety of must-have Christmas moments, from David Gandy washing up in an M&S suit through to families snuggling up in our matching PJs.”

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  1. What is wrong with people these days, are their brains not wired correctly, there is nothing wrong with advertising smalls in a shop window, they don’t complain about catalogues. I think people are just looking for something to moan about, that much time on their hands they have to fill the void.

  2. Some people today have obviously lost their sense of humour, I love M&S, they try to market for the many and not the all, which is impossible no retailer on this earth has the design capacity to fit all, as if people don’t know already there isn’t a one size fits all, M&S are doing a sterling job, so the rough press they are receiving leads me to believe that they are the shoppers who shop for their entire wardrobes from the likes of New Look and Primark, were quality fabrics don’t exist and with one wash disintegrate! it would also be interesting to find out what countries they get the bulk of their “designs”! Each to their own, but the PC brigade should think more than twice before we lose a really good British retailer, no one is forcing you to go in to the store to buy. This latest round of insults regarding “what to buy the man or woman in your life” and the whole lingerie thing, how stupid are you people, I am a woman and love everything about being a woman and wearing lingerie makes me feel sexy and the fact that the man in my life is sweet enough to buy it for me is a winner. A woman should be a woman and a man should be a man and VIVA LA DIFFERENCE!!


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