Morrisons ‘too good to waste’ box goes for just £1


Morrisons has launched a £1 fruit and vegetable box scheme that aims to cut back on food waste and give shoppers a budget way of meeting their five-a-day intake.

The scheme, called Too Good to Waste, involves placing 1kg worth of soon-to-expire fruits and vegetables that are still in good condition.

The boxes sell for £1 in all Morrisons stores.

Morrisons’ greengrocers will ensure each fruit and vegetable is “condition checked” before it’s put on sale.

“We’ve listened to our customers who said they don’t want to see good food going to waste,” Morrisons fruit and vegetable director Drew Kirk said.

“So we’ve created these boxes and every day we’ll fill them with a wide selection of produce at risk of being thrown away.

“Because produce may be unusual and varied, customers can also try some new and exciting dishes at home without having to spend a fortune.”

The Too Good to Waste scheme is the latest sustainability initiative from Morrisons this year.

In August, it joined the war on plastic by announcing plans to remove plastic wrapping on most of its cucumbers, as well as re-introducing brown paper bags for collecting loose fruits and vegetables.

Morrisons is also a signatory to the UK Plastics Pact, with aims to reduce the use of single-use plastics and avoidable plastic waste.

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  1. I hope the food for a pound, is better food that they on the shelves. I have seen mouldy fruit and mouldy vegetables which are still in date to sell.
    That’s why I now use another shop . I would rather use fuel than walk to my local Morrison’s .


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