Tesco creates world‘s largest supply chain group


The UK‘s largest retailer Tesco has expanded it co-operation with leading business community 2degrees to launch the world‘s largest on-line collaboration between retail suppliers, it was announced today.

In an effort to reduce energy costs, waste & the environmental impacts of the products it buys, Tesco has decided to increase its Knowledge Hub which is already used by 750 members from 380 different organisations across more than 20 countries.

By the end of 2012 the grocer will have brought 1,000 of its suppliers into the hub and ultimately the company hopes that the move will cut 30 per cent of the carbon emissions from its supply chain by 2020.

Helen Fleming, Climate Change Director at Tesco, said: “With hundreds of suppliers in many countries, many with expertise in different aspects of sustainability, the best way to make progress is to share knowledge through our supply chains, across the industry, and across national boundaries.”

Problem-solving discussions, sharing best practice and webinars form some of the Knowledge Hub‘s activity and Tesco is looking at ways to enhance co-operation further.

The supply chain management solution provided by 2degrees tries to achieve meaningful reductions in energy, materials, waste and water use, and the company has over 20,000 professionals from over 100 countries within its wider community.

Matin Chilcot, Founder and CEO of 2degrees, said: “The remarkable results of the Knowledge Hub on 2degrees in its first year means we can expand the programme to enable all Tesco‘s top 1,000 suppliers to benefit from the best practice sharing and collaborative problem-solving it enables.”

Tomorrow Tesco will announce its full-year results and publish an update on strategy which is expected to focus largely on improving UK operations which have been performing below the wider market in recent months.