Friday, February 28, 2020

Weekend pub sales increase at expense of weekday trade


Latest figures show that British pubs are becoming more popular on weekends than in the week.

Figures from The NPD Group showed a 6.1% increase in weekend sales, while weekday visits decreased by 5.9% between 2011 and 2012.

And that‘s not been the only shift in consumer behaviour, with breakfast trips to pubs rising by 23.4% in 2012 compared with 2011.

Despite breakfast having a relatively high share for some pub chains (eg in Wetherspoon where it accounts for 14 % of visits), overall it is still a small part of the picture accounting for 6.5% of pub visits in 2012. Lunch was the only other eating occasion to see an increase in sales, although this was a modest 0.7%. Sales from dinner were down 0.8% and from snacks 7.9%.

Guy Fielding, Director of Business Development for The NPD Group, said: “The slight recovery at lunchtime seen in 2012 provides a glimmer of hope. Lunch is now in recovery- it‘s more about pies than pints.”

He added, “The way people visit the pub has undergone a significant change in recent years as impromptu visits and an emphasis on drinking have given way to planned, family outings where food takes centre stage.”

A focus on the over 50‘s and loyalty promotions could continue to drive sales growth in pubs with more than a quarter of sales (28.4%) prompted by deals and campaigns.