Friday, September 17, 2021

Call on brands to support independent shops

An independent retailing campaign began today to support a drive to revive local village and town centres.

Now in its third year, Independent Retailer Month will call on brands to recognize the opportunities to engage with a consumer base and support the cause.

Retail Champion Clare Rayner said that while it was imperative that shoppers threw their support behind the drive to revive local village and town centres, there was enormous potential for brands to lead by example, while engaging with a national consumer-base.

She said: “Large brands understand the influence that a network of good, proactive independent retailers can have on customer perception of their brands, and they have the marketing clout to really throw their weight behind initiatives like Independent Retailer Month.”

She added: “The past two years have seen us get some real power-houses behind us, and we‘re urging other brands to follow their lead and join the revolution, encouraging people to think twice about turning to out-of-town shopping centres, and to instead support their local independents.”

This year, leading paints and coatings specialists AzkoNobel will expand the reach of the promotion to support Independent Retailer Month with all their products – Dulux, Polycell, Cuprinol and Hammerite.

The 2013 promotion will see a £5 voucher awarded for every £40 spent, and will be supported with a poster campaign. Another brand jumping on board is Frugi, an ethical and organic childrenswear brand, which is launching its own t-shirt design competition for youngsters.

Lucy Jewson, co-founder of Frugi, said: “Without independent retailers, our high streets would be far less interesting – it is these shops which make town centres individual and shopping experiences diverse.

For more information on Independent Retailer Month, including what retailers are doing to engage in their communities, visit


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