Morrisons launches new farming app


Morrisons has launched a new app for cattle farmers which aim to simplify livestock management.

‘Morrisons Farming App‘ is mainly aimed at beef producers and enables the registering of cattle births, deaths and movements as well as allowing farmers to arrange animals by pen of field for easy reference. Ordering new and replacement ear tags will also be made easier by the app.

Morrisons says the development of the new technology for the farming community can help improve food safety and animal traceability as well as animal breeding and husbandry.

Andrew Loftus, Morrisons agriculture manager said: “We want to help ease the burden on farmers by ensuring better information is available at the touch of a button to aid them when making decisions about their businesses.

“The launch of the app builds on the website we‘ve also created to provide suppliers of beef, pork and lamb with unrivalled and immediate feedback on their consignments.

Meurig Raymond, NFU president said: “Adopting technology like this new app is key to farming‘s future and I‘m delighted that Morrisons is making sure that it‘s available to all beef producers.”