Discounting still king for consumers


New research has shown that simple sales promotions are enough to prompt nearly half of British shoppers to spend.

48 per cent say finding a bargain prompts them to shop while a third did so to cheer themselves up or as a reward for hard work.

The study, commissioned to support the launch of Gatwick‘s new Summer Retail Campaign, ‘Tempted before Take-off‘, exposes the top ten most common excuses UK shoppers use to justify their spending habits.

Fashion e-commerce site Net-A-Porter is currently offering up to 80 per cent off this summer, while Argos has slashed £120 off smart TV sets. But shoppers are hesitant to spend more than £80 on themselves, their partner, friends or parents and will make excuses. 68 per cent of men also admit to making excuses for over-spending.

Despite discounting appearing to work for retail, Mark McNeilly told Fast Company that he believed price promotions hurts brands. “Consumers become conditioned to buying only during sales. And when they do buy they buy in bulk and store up so they have enough supply to last till the next sale,” he argued.

Top five reasons from consumers to spend

  1. It was on sale/discounted

  2. It was a bargain

  3. It was a treat to cheer myself up

  4. I‘ve saved up for it

  5. I‘ve wanted to buy it for ages