Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Westfield rejoice at Johnson‘s zone change


Westfield in Stratford is celebrating the recent news that London mayor, Boris Johnson, has decided to change Stratford station to Zone 2.

As we reported on Wednesday, the rezone is designed to make Stratford seem closer to central London and will allow many to travel there at a cheaper rate, therefore attracting more visitors and investment.

A Westfield spokesperson said: ‘Westfield Stratford City welcomes the change to the travel zone which will help attract more shoppers, residents and office workers to Stratford. Stratford is undergoing an exciting regeneration era where the Olympics were just the start‘.

The annual footfall for the shopping centre is already over 38m people and in 2013 it generated close to one billion in sales. Johnson‘s decision is only set to increase these impressive figures.

‘Westfield is the destination for international retailers to open their first stores in the UK‘, said the spokesperson. ‘Zara‘s sister retailer, Stradivarius, and American Eagle are expected later this year‘.

Giving the sense that the centre is closer to the capital will only help to grab the attention of big international retailers hoping to make their mark in the UK.


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