Five reasons for the rise of Lidl


1. The Recession

The obvious reason behind the success of Lidl is the recession. With times hard, shoppers duly looked for bargain-buys and Lidl was there to offer all the grocery essentials at a cheaper price.

2. Quality

Lidl were well aware their prices would draw in customers to an extent, but were clever enough to get the balance between quality and price just right. The biggest surprise for buyers during the Lidl revolution is that their food is actually of a much better standard than first perceived.

3. Limited choice

At first look this may seem like a negative as opposed to a positive but Lidl‘s policy of having a less broad choice of equivalent items has worked in its favour. Buyers wanting to get the shopping done quickly and efficiently are pleased to be able to choose out of just a few items whilst knowing they are getting a good quality and fair priced product.

4. Home brand

Lidl have been winning people over with their home-branded products which, obviously, can not be purchased anywhere else. During the economic downfall, customers did opt to save the pennies and gave the Lidl products a try – with the taste impressing, the Lidl brand is now a trusted one for good food for the family.

5. Advertising

Lidl haven‘t rested on their laurels during their success and have pushed to promote the company further via marketing. They launched their first TV adverts in Christmas 2013 as they targeted a middle-class buyer with a deluxe range including lobster and caviar! Another strong marketing campaign is set for the coming Christmas.